Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gifts for little wee ones

There are some wonderful people in the world. I am not one of them. But, Sara Nunn is. She has a project where she collects gifts to give to families who have preemie babies in the hospital. Here is the mission from her blog which can be found HERE:

Preemie Presents Mission

The goal of Preemie Projects is to give gifts to parents who are stuck in the hospital with preemies over the holiday season. I am a stay at home mom of two boys, one of whom was born 6 weeks prematurely. My hope is that with each holiday this project gets bigger and I receive more help, therefore giving me the ability to touch that many more lives. Please contact me if you want to help in any way.

How selfless is that?? She's located in Illinois, so if you are reading this from overseas and want to help out, you can contact her and ask how to help!

I'm really glad there are people like her in the world.


  1. Thanks for that post Kim! It is good to be reminded of the simple things we can do :)

  2. PS - thanks for the pretzel tip! will follow that up!