Friday, August 24, 2012

Still here, so time to catch up!

Sorry for the silence, I'm still here! In all my 39 week glory! I was going to do the little survey thing, but over the past few weeks nothing has really changed, except the size of my belly!

For your viewing pleasure:
37  weeks

38 weeks

39 weeks

Jaysus...I look tired in that last shot! I promise that I'm actually not as exhausted as I look, even if I am up 4-5 times at night to pee and switch sides. And you may notice that I finally cleaned the mirror! It's a miracle! Today I even decided to take a picture of my bare belly. That will NOT be on the blog, even though I don't think it looks too bad. The last time a picture was taken of my bare abdomen was when I was three years old and rocking the halter tops.
As of Monday I hadn't progressed any more from 35 weeks. Well, instead of being 'a fingertip' I was 'a tight one'. This baby seems to be in it to win it! I told it last night it if it came out it would have a lot more room to flail around, but no luck. My Braxton Hicks had seemed to peter off, but now they're back, so even if my body isn't going to do the real thing for awhile I appreciate that it's practicing!We've finished our classes and somehow I still feel totally unprepared. Today was my last official day of work. Hour long afternoon naps seem to be on the agenda every day. I'm not complaining about that! I've done some cleaning that was way over due. I don't really consider it nesting, more like procrastinating.
I've been very, very blessed with an easy pregnancy. I truly don't mind being pregnant, there are actually a lot of things I enjoy about it, but I'm starting to get to the point where I'll be happy to have my own body back - in whatever postpartum form that may be. And of course we're anxious to meet the baby!