Saturday, June 2, 2012

27 Weeks!

I did it! The nursery is cleaned out! I think I was motivated by the fact that Friday was exactly 3 months from our due date. Yikes!

3 hours later....

There's a pile of stuff sitting in the hallway that's either trash or going to the basement. The cat is freaking out because she probably thinks we're moving again. Now we just need to paint, put furniture together, decorate...I'm tired just thinking about it! However, we need to paint soon because I want to move stuff in there and it's always easier to paint an empty room. What color will we paint it? No idea. Having a child forces you to make all sorts of tough decisions!

Other things that happened this week - I had my glucose tolerance test on Thursday. Still waiting to hear the results on that. We picked up the stroller. It's the first purchase that Wes has seemed truly excited about. He wanted to test drive it with the cat in it. A woman in our neighborhood is selling some cloth diapers at a great price, so I'm picking them up this weekend.

Here's the stats update. It's not changed much from last week, so kinda boring. 

  • How far along?  27 w 2d. 
  • Total weight gain:  I'm up somewhere between 10 and 15 lbs from the start. I can't really remember what my starting weight was so that's a guesstimate. 
  • Maternity clothes?  Yes, although I can still wear some non-maternity tops, yoga pants, pajamas, and dresses. 
  • Stretch marks? I already had some and so far no new ones have cropped up.
  • Sleep:  Still up a few times at night to hit the bathroom and I'll switch sides when I come back. Occasionally I'll wake up just to switch. I'm not uncomfortable though, it just takes a bit of effort! 
  • Best moment this week: Cleaning out the freakin' nursery! Woohoo!
  • Miss Anything? Not really anything this week.  
  • Movement: Always. Some days it feels like the baby is laying with the head at one hip bone and the feet at the other. I tell it to move up for more room, but what would I know??
  • Food cravings:  Still fruit - all sorts. 
  • Food aversions: Cooked vegetables. I'm just not eating a lot of them these days. 
  • Gender: No idea.
  • Labor Signs: None, thank goodness!
  • Symptoms: Still heartburn. My feet and ankles are swollen a wee bit by the end of the day. 
  • Belly Button in or out? In. I don't see it popping out until closer to the end, if at all.
  • Wedding rings on or off? On.
  • Looking forward to:  Getting away for the weekend and seeing Liz and Co.!


  1. Gorgeous! You look simply gorgeous!!
    You should paint the room a nice light green! With an orange and white border, of course.

  2. You look great and it was great seeing you two. Let me know if you want some help decorating. I've become a bit of an interior design junkie lately and have seen some great gender neutral nursery ideas lately! ;-) Can send you some links if you want.