Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Book Roundup

Okay, so this year wasn't so much quantity as it was quality. Moving countries and starting a full-time job really puts a damper on reading time. The good news is I did get a Kindle for Christmas, so I'll be downloading books to read on my commute. I think first up is going to be Room by Emma Donoghue. I've also joined a book club and hopefully we'll read some interesting books this year!

Last year I did a best and worst list of the year, but it's difficult this year. I truly enjoyed all of the books I read this year. I was probably most pleasantly surprised by The Remains of the Day. I guess I had preconceived notions that it might be boring and it really wasn't. The one book I probably wouldn't recommend is Dublin Noir. I couldn't get past the story where the girl says she's sitting in a coffee shop trying to read a Dublin city map, but finding it impossible because the street names are all in Irish. Clearly the author had never been to Dublin and walked down O'Connell Street to Westmoreland Street to College Green and on to Nassau Street. Annoying.

What was  your surprise read for 2011? What would you recommend?

Happy reading in 2012!

2011 Reading List


  1. I've read Room. It was interesting in a disturbing way. My book club is reading it for January. You will love love love your Kindle!

  2. I loved 'Small Island'! But last year I read Andrea Levy's 'The Long Song,' and was really disappointed in it.

  3. Good to know. I really liked 'Small Island' too.

  4. My favorite books last year were The Help and The Hunger Games trilogy.