Thursday, October 6, 2011

Commuting Chronicles

I looked like a right eejit on my commute today.

I should preface this by saying that my office doesn't get a lot of foot traffic. If I don't leave my office for any reason, other than my commute, it's the same 5 people seeing me all day long. I look nice once I'm here, but I really need to work on the part where the whole of DC sees me - my commute.

I wanted to wear a new-ish pair of shoes that I'm still breaking in. This would have been fine for a normal commute, but I had to park far-ish away when I got home last night so I didn't want to start my day out with sore feet. So I threw on the brown Sketchers...with little white socks....and my light gray skirt. You see where I'm going? It was a little chilly this morning, so I threw on my lightweight purple coat which has honestly seen better days. It's all I have, so that had to do. And of course I had my nice bag that I carry every morning (I have no idea how to describe the color, but believe me it doesn't match purple) and a dark blue cloth bag with shoes, a water bottle, and two ready meals to have at the office.

Frankly, I looked like a bag lady.

I was embarassed of myself. If my husband had been there he wouldn't have let me walk out the door. I'm sure my picture is already posted onto a fashion police blog somewhere out there. And to top it all off, I lost one of my ready meals somewhere between the freezer and the office. So not only was I carrying bags, I was dropping stuff out of them. Classy. Hey, at least my hair looked good!

I will be wearing my new-ish shoes home, suffering in the name of fashion. I just hope it's warm enough out there that I don't need to wear my coat!

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