Sunday, July 3, 2011


It was all about summertime these past couple of days. We just got back from a quick trip up to my parent's in PA. They wanted to take Wes golfing for his birthday. While they were doing that I got to go swimming with my friend and her two boys. I lurve swimming, so it was a win-win for everyone! The other week I paid $3.99 for a small pack of basil, so I was anxious to get some herbs to plant. Mom and I found some that were buy one get one free, so I got basil and cilantro. I was so happy when I was planting them last evening!

I could have seriously gone nuts with buying herbs and veggies to plant, but it's a little late in the season and I would have had to buy a bunch of pots and soil. Unfortunately, it's not in the budget right now.
After we left there, we stopped at the local farm shop. It was jammers and I can understand why! All the gorgeous fruits, vegetables, and baked goods. I should have taken my camera along. Again, I could have gone seriously nutso, but I had some restraint. The last minute addition of homemade chocolate chip cookies was my only splurge! I also bought some fresh beetroot which I've never prepared. I'm not sure if I'll roast it or boil it to use for a salad. I also got some local red delicious apples, white peaches, black plums, zucchini, white cabbage, a mixture of little red and yellow tomatoes, and kohlrabi. If we lived closer I would have bought local eggs and milk too. Best of all my mom bought corn for lunch, so we had my first corn on the cob of the summer. YUMMM!!!!! We also had yellow string beans and hot dogs on the grill. Is that summer or what!? 
On our way home we stopped to buy some beer. Wes is all about trying different types of local beer, so we got some from the Lancaster Brewing Company. I've had their strawberry wheat beer before and really enjoyed it. I also couldn't resist the packaging:

It was a great couple of days and I told Wes he wins husband of the year for it. He went golfing with my parents and aunt (while I was frolicking in the pool); we hung out with one of my high school friends and his wife (I tried to keep the talking of high school people to a minimum); and he went with my dad to a local military museum (my mom and I were happy to bow out of this one)!
And just as an extra, I found this little guy on my basil plant when I went out this morning to take a picture of it. He was just sitting there until I stuck my camera in his face and he started walking all over the plant. I guess I'm not very stealth!

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  1. I've never seen Lancaster beer before. The strawberry wheat does look quite tasty.