Friday, June 24, 2011

Outdoor exercise in Dublin vs outdoor exercise in Baltimore

Dublin wins.

Unfortunately, my grand plans of joining the gym have to wait until one of us has a job. After a lot of sitting around on my ass, I figured I'd have to suck it up and actually go outside. The other day I was feeling motivated to walk/run and convinced Wes to go out with me around 11:30. It was already about 90 degrees and bright sunshine. We took a water bottle, slathered on some sun screen, and figured we'd go to the Inner Harbor, stopping at Barnes and Noble to cool off a bit before heading back. By the time we got there (about 25 minutes) the water was gone and my face was on fire. The annoying thing is my legs felt okay and while my heart rate wasn't great, I wasn't gasping for air or anything. I found a water fountain at BN to fill up our bottle and splash some water on my face. Did I manage to cool off? Uh, not really. We went back outside, where it was now probably 95 degrees, to determine our next plan of attack...lunch. We decided to walk/run back to Canton and go to Chipotle. Nothing screams exercise like a burrito bowl! By the time we got all the way home I had burned 638 calories, more than my lunch!
That same evening I had my first yoga class. They're on offer in Patterson Park and they're only $5! They supposed to be held in the rec center, but there is no A/C, so they have them outside if it's not raining. By that time it had cooled down to around 80 degrees and was actually cooler outside than inside the rec center. I had to laugh because it reminded me of the hot yoga class I took when I first moved to Ireland and this was just plain, old yoga.
This morning I went out for a run around 8:30 and it was already 80 degrees with bright sun. My legs felt like they were running through treacle and I was barely able to drag myself around the park. I know I'm terribly unfit, but when I think about how far I could run in Dublin it's a bit of a downer. The only thing that makes me feel not-so-bad is that Wes is struggling too and he's super fit. He tries to go out really early in the morning, but it's already hotter than he's used to. Add the heat onto the fact that he occasionally gets lost and ends up in an episode of The Wire, it makes for some interesting runs.

In totally non-related exercise news, my friend just started a blog and it's very funny so you should check it out! It's called Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Dad!


  1. Bliss. My favorite line: "By that time it had cooled down to around 80 degrees..."

    Wishing I was there. You're missing a chilly, rainy day. It's 50 degrees out. Booooooourns!!

  2. It was amazing how much cooler it felt. However, it was still so warm that even the breezes weren't refreshing. I hate that.

    50 degrees for the summer is pants. Hey, if E is already too big for the summer outfit I got her (without ever getting the chance to wear it), you could take it back to Arnott's to see if they can exchange it for a bigger size or something different!

  3. I wish I was going to be living closer to you! We could exercise together.

  4. Um, did you just say Chipotle?!?! Seriously, who cares about the weather if you can get Mexican food. Just kidding.

    Sounds like you're making the best of it!