Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh Monday!

It is only 2:18pm and it's already been an eventful day!

1. Went for a run and saw them picking up the trash cans around the Phoenix Park in anticipation of the Queen's visit. Also saw a phone booth (I know, they still exist!) and it was all taped up so no bombs could go in there either. While most people in Ireland understand the benefit of having Queen Elizabeth here, a certain select few people are out to ruin this visit. Fingers crossed this goes off without a hitch.

2. While running, I was stopped by a woman asking me how to get to the city centre*. I showed her, then she asked about the 46A bus. I pointed out that it picks up on the other side of the road. At this point she started questioning my directions. "So the city centre is really that way!" (Pointing in the opposite direction of my original directions to her.) Well, that's the direction that particular bus goes, but it does turn at some point! Look lady, if you think you know, then don't ask!
*As an aside, most runners would be annoyed when people stop them. Not this runner. I'm always looking for an excuse to stop!

3. All of my friends are off having babies (in a hospital that doesn't allow visitors, pfft!) or gallivanting in Greece so I was stuck having lunch on my own today. They opened a Sbarro in the Jervis shopping centre and I know that sounds awesome, but it isn't. It's not nearly as good as Sbarro in the US. The bases are pre-made and they just put the toppings on them and heat it all up. But, I had it today anyway and pretended I was at the mall in the US. The thing they do get right is the pepperoni. It's thin and American-style. Most pepperoni here is too thick.

4. I was standing outside of M&S texting said friend in the hospital and the security alarms went off. Now, these alarms go off all the time. I've seen it happen with 3 staff members standing right there and no one bats an eye. But today, two security guards came flying out, stopped this old couple, and brought them back into the store! They must have been stalking them all along. Very exciting! At first I felt bad for the old couple, but then I didn't because they're thieves.

5. Next I was headed home with my groceries and this American guy stopped me and asked for directions to the Guinness Storehouse. They were clearly lost (hello, wrong side of the river!) and the group of guys he was with were embarrassed that he was getting directions because they all kept walking down the street. I'm pretty sure he saw my Nikes, jeans, and Columbia fleece and made a beeline to me for directions. From one American to another.... I'm always happy to help out my fellow countrymen!

Re-reading my post I don't think it's been very eventful after all. See what happens when your friends are away and you don't have a job?? I must just be comparing today to our weekend which was Boring with a capital 'B'! What if I had something actually exciting happen to me!? God, I wouldn't know what to do with myself...


  1. That sounds like a VERY eventful day. Well, I might be bias considering my current life situation but still... And can I assume a certain tall person is finally letting go of her bump?

  2. Is no3 a hint that someone whose name starts with an L is giving birth?!?

    Anyway, your day was much more eventful than mine and for some reason American chains never taste the same this side of the ocean...

  3. The eagle has landed, but that's all I'm going to say about that!

  4. Saw L's announcement on FB. It's true!
    And your day was eventful - how often do you see two pensioner crims get nicked theiving resonably priced clothing from M&S?
    And besides, you don't *have* to tell the truth on a blog, you can make stuff up if you want :)