Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I can't believe I'm actually writing this!

I've taken up running.

You might think that because my husband runs marathons that I might be more open to running. You would be wrong. I pretty much hate running. Then my husband bought me this:

Hi, my name is Kim and I'm addicted to my heart rate monitor.

There is something about actually seeing how many calories I'm burning while I'm working out that gets me jazzed. Tracking my heart rate and calories makes me go faster (which I promise is not very fast) and longer than I would go without it. The weather has been gorgeous here (I'm a fair weather runner), so it hasn't been too hard to get motivated to go out.
Each time I go out is an adventure. One day I saved a cat's life. I'm not sure if it wanted to be saved, but too bad. Another day I was stopped by a little old lady crossing the street, asking me to tell the bus driver up ahead not to leave without her. Done. I watched a swan running across the pond in Phoenix Park, and of course the crocuses are starting to bloom everywhere. It's something new each time and I get excited about what might happen while I'm out!


  1. Welcome to the darkside young Skywalker(runner)! ;-)

  2. I'm excited to start running again once my chest cold is under control! Last year I did the couch to 5k (well, couch to 4 miles) and I became addicted to running. But like you, I'm a fair weather runner. So I'm going to start up the couch to 5k again, and hope that it doesn't take me a whole 9 weeks this time!

  3. Pretty! Now I want one too. :)