Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa came early around here!

We're having a white Christmas in Dublin this year. This is what it looks like outside our condensation-covered window:

If I'm feeling adventurous I may venture out and take some pretty pictures. Since it's noon and I'm still in my jim jams, I'm thinking it won't happen.

We're heading to the in-laws this weekend for Christmas. Santa's already been to our house though. Last night he dropped off some presents to put under the dehumidifier which is still drying out the carpet from last weekend. I did put up some Christmas decorations though.

We bought this nutcracker when we were in Germany a couple of months ago. We have more things, but no room to put it, so this is all that's going up this year!

Wes gave me my gift when we were in the US.

I'm so glad he picked out a watch for me! I was having the hardest time deciding and needed someone to pull the trigger on that decision!

I got Wes this:

The show is hilarious and I highly recommend it. You may need subtitles because that Manchester accent is brutal!

Then Santa brought us this:
Why? Because someone in my family gave Wes Scrabble for Christmas and apparently want us to get divorced. To say I'm a Scrabble-Nazi is a bit of an understatement. I can't help that for 6 years I played everyday at lunch with the Yoda of Scrabble. So yeah, I'm pretty good now. The last time I played was with my sister and BIL. My dad had to sit on his computer and verify my words were legit because they challenged everything. Amateurs. My husband is smarter than me and he'd definitely beat me at Trivial Pursuit, but I kicked his ass at Scrabble the other night. Now I can pull out the big guns and he can challenge me all he wants!


  1. That watch is beautiful! Nice work, Wes.

    Merry Christmas to you both!

  2. Thanks Liz! Merry Christmas to you and the SJC!

  3. I'm a huge Scrabble fan too. It got to a point where no one wanted to play with me anymore. I like to think that's because I always won but I suspect there's another reason behind it.

  4. I bought the iphone app and it sucks! I'm convinced it makes up words. I've even shown it to OH and he just laughs at the words it comes up with. Sometimes when I'm stuck (happens a lot- I really suck!) I'll just make something up and 1/2 the time it accepts it as a word.

  5. Moe, you just play with sore losers. It's not our fault we're awesome at Scrabble and they're not!

    Lindy, when we used to play at lunch we played with a dictionary. You were allowed to look up one word on your turn. The nice thing about this was it did teach you some crazy words. You'd be surprised some of the things we'd suggest and actually turned out to be a real word!

  6. hmm I'm not a scrabble expert but I'm pretty sure June and Zen are words! But Qua?? I checked on my mac dictionary and it doesn't have it listed. I don't know why I continue to play- it drives me insane!! LOL a sure sign I'm addicted!!

  7. Lindy, use QAT and another good one, SUQ. They're definitely in the Scrabble dictionary!