Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's been a busy month!

Well, I'm back in Ireland! It was very strange opening the door and not having Obie there to greet us. Little Kitty was very excited to see us though! She's probably totally annoyed with the attention that Wes and I are giving her. The cat sitter came by last night and she was lovely. She told us that she stayed with Obie as long as she could and the people at the vet were just in love with him while he was there. They were all devastated when he didn't pull through. She said he purred through the entire exam and he wasn't in any pain. This is the same cat that used to purr while he was having his temperature taken, so I wasn't too surprised! We all miss him a lot.

We tried to get me registered yesterday with immigration, but the office was still closed for the Easter holiday, so no joy. I did manage to get my gym membership and I finished my taxes. I need to send them off today. In fact, I should get a move on! Wes is in Limerick for work until tomorrow, so it's just me and Little Kitty hanging out. I started my new 365 project, so check out the link to the left of this post.

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