Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One Month Old!

It's hard to believe it's been one month already! He just had his one month appointment and he's up to 9lbs 9.5oz. He gained an ounce a day for two weeks. Yay! No more weight checks at this point! Thank goodness, because he's been eating like a horse. If he hadn't gained, I would have been really frustrated. We no longer have to wake him to eat, just feed on demand. He's starting to discover the world around him which is really fun. Things that he could have cared less about last week are now the most fun ever. My in-laws are visiting for 3 weeks, which has been nice. I've been able to get things done (like fill out all those recall postcards) and even cook dinner. My MIL can get him to nap like a champ.
The Sore Boob Saga continues. Last night I seriously think I was going delirious from the pain. Basically, shooting pains on both sides (nothing localized, just all over), warm to the touch, a freakin' crevasse in one nipple. I called the lactation consultant who told me she thinks it's a yeast infection, even though he's not showing any symptoms in his mouth. She told me to call my OB to see if they could call in a prescription for an oral antibiotic. I did and the nurse called me back. She asked me a bit more information then relayed it to my OB. She called me again and said that she wasn't going to call in the prescription because he wasn't showing any signs. Cue me crying my eyes out. She thinks it's irritation from the breast pads (which I agree is probably part of the problem) and I should try to go without them whenever I can. Uh, I don't particularly want to walk around soaked with breast milk. The LC told me I should sleep topless. What? My boobs will not cooperate with that. Plus, it's cold. When I got to Adam's pediatrician appointment, she asked me how things were going and I told her the situation. She said that yeast infections can be only in the mother or only in the baby, they don't have to be in both (which is what I read), and she was able to prescribe me some ointment. Fingers crossed this helps! We also need to continue to work on his latch. Basically, I'm lazy and need to be more diligent. I'm so sick of thinking about my boobs all the time. They're taking up too much time in my life right now.